The project results

What we provide

The project objectives

The main objective of the project is to empower pupils to navigate and make understanding of the world they live in to enable them act as active and responsible agents in democratic society.

This will be met by focusing on the following operative and concrete objectives:

  • Pupils will learn trough their own experience (based on developed methodology) how to deal with complex issues and information to make sense and understanding of the situation;
  • As for young generations internet and social media especially are playing the key role in obtaining information, pupils will learn how to approach the information on the internet;
  • Pupils will learn to understand their motivation and motivation of the others to be able to reflect upon their norms, biases, expectation and desired outcomes. Pupils will learn how to respond to the situation accordingly to their values and (possible) impacts of their action;
  • Pupils will learn to actively engage with open approach ready to consider also the (different) views of others;
  • o Teachers will acquire the knowledge and competences to promote and propagate the active and responsible citizenship in their regular classes to pass these competences to pupils.