Multiplier Event in Fano during the “Fanorienta” (IT)

  • 1 December 2023
  • learnable
  • 2 min read

On November 25th, the Mediateca Montanari in Fano hosted the Multiplier Event organised by Learnable which aims to equip secondary school teachers with the tools to tackle the challenges of the digital age. This event took place as part of the “Fanorienta” school fair, drawing in secondary schools and families from the Fano community.

“Fanorienta” proved to be an ideal platform for the project, creating a dynamic atmosphere where educators, students, and families converged to explore educational opportunities. Specifically, secondary school teachers had a unique opportunity to delve into the project’s objectives and witness firsthand the results produced, including the Toolkit and Guidelines.

Teachers were introduced to practical resources designed to enhance their ability to teach students how to navigate the digital landscape effectively.

At the heart of the initiative is the need to address a critical skill in the digital age – the ability to distinguish reliable information from misinformation, often labeled as “fake news.” In a world inundated with information, this skill has become indispensable, and teachers find themselves at the forefront of fostering media literacy among students.

The project’s emphasis on media literacy aligns with the broader goal of empowering students to critically evaluate the information they encounter online. By providing teachers with the tools to impart these skills, the project contributes to creating a more discerning and informed generation.

The success of the Multiplier Event at Fano highlights the importance of collaborative efforts between educational initiatives and community events. It not only allowed teachers to engage directly with the project’s outcomes but also facilitated a broader conversation about the evolving role of education in the digital era.

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