Multiplier Event in Dąbrowa Górnicza (PL)

  • 30 November 2023
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On 30 November 2023, a conference summarising the project took place within the walls of WSB University.

Pupils and teachers attending the conference were able to become familiar with the tools and results developed within ACTIVE in Czech, Austrian, Italian and Slovak schools, presented by the project manager, Dr. Michał Szyszka and Piotr Stoły, and by teachers implementing project activities in Polish schools: Ms. Milena Dudzik representing Primary School No. 20 in Katowice and Ms. Katarzyna Kiklińska, representing  III LO in Zabrze.

The audience was also captivated by the inspirational lectures:

– Jarosław Gwizdak in his lecture “Is it worth being a super-citizen?” presented inspiring contemporary examples of young activists who were bravely changing the world around them;

– Dr. Edyta Nowak-Żółty in her lecture “Internet – construction or destruction” analysed the benefits and risks of the fact that today’s young people are digital nomads;

– and Dr Michał Szyszko and Piotr Stoły in “From fakews to post-truth” demonstrated how easily we can be influenced by fake news, disinformation, manipulation, and information warfare and presented, with concrete examples, of how we can protect ourselves against this.

The entire recording of the conference is available to view:

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