Multiplier Event at Josef Ressel High School  (presentation of the project at the school’s 160th anniversary celebrations) – Czech Republic

  • 7 December 2023
  • Martina
  • 2 min read

On October 6 and 7, 2023, the Josef Ressel High School in Chrudim celebrated the 160th anniversary of its history. The entire school management and the vast majority of the teaching staff and other school employees participated in this event. During the two days of celebration, hundreds of GJR graduates came to the event, as well as friends and supporters of the school, and current students and their parents. Regional and local political representatives and the professional public were also represented.

As part of the celebration, one room was set up for the presentation to promote the ACTIVE project and its results. During the two days of the celebration, at least one of the teachers directly involved in the ACTIVE project was always available in the room to give presentations to the visitors. To promote the ACTIVE project to the anniversary attendees, there were flyers displayed in the school corridors to catch attention of the visitors to see the prepared presentation which was shown throughout the whole 160th anniversary celebration. Along and following the presentation, expert consultations about the activities in ACTIVE project took place.

The participants showed outstanding interest in the project and pointing out the actuality and importance of such activities. The political representatives, mayor of Pardubice city and regional counsellor for education, were interested in the approach the schools can take to tackle disinformation and fake-news. The directors and teachers from other schools were interested in the concrete activities they could apply in their schools. The parents on the other hand could see what activities their children are involved at the school.

Councillor for Education of the Pardubice Region Josef Kozel

Mayor of the town of Chrudim František Pilný

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